First off thanks!!! I tried to make a tutorial but it ended up extremely vague and more of a step-by-step of a headshot i drew today for this purpose whoops;;;

This is one layer but If it’s a complicated drawing then i’ll draw it out and line it with a thin brush with no pressure sensitivity, and then bucket fill the shapes on separate layers, usually 1 layer per character and one layer for the bg.

I also might do color adjustment layers and merge them down as I go but I got lucky this time and didn’t have to make any adjustments. 

I work on one layer but every 30 minutes or before I begin a new stage (hair, the eyes) I’ll duplicate that layer and paint on the topmost one. This way I can check to see if I over-rendered by hiding the top layer. If i over-render or mess something up, then I have that back-up layer that I can go back to and start that part again. 

Some additional things:

  • lost edges are where the edge of a shape bleeds into the other without any visible separation between the two. If you don’t need an edge consider getting rid of it for a more painterly look
  • The very very darkest shadows on skin are almost always warm. Even if the light source is cool, the nostril will be a warmer color than the rest of the skin.
  • warm light: cool shadows
  • cool light: warm shadows
  • Vary the hue here and there with little flecks of bright colors that harmonize with the local color of the object to make things pop
  • If the background is dark, draw a very thin orange or dark pinkish line where the skin meets the bg. This is called a corona and will make the skin look like it’s glowing
  • you don’t need to use pure black AND pure white in the same image every single time
  • The eye is drawn to hard edges, so use them where it counts!! 
  • Read Richard Schmidt’s Alla Prima for more of this kind of stuff. I got most of these ideas from that book 
  • and proko’s youtube channel
  • ps that’s makoto 

That’s all I can think of right now!! 












gayest sport on earth

somebody’s obviously never heard of turkish oil wrestling



you have not LIVED until you’ve seen live Turkish oil wrestling.

why is he putting his hand in his pants

That’s how you win. By securing a grip on the “kisbet” (the special type of pants the wrestlers wear) and then pinning the opponent is how victory is achieved. The loser will then kiss the victor’s hand as a sign of respect and admiration. 

that sport was so made up as an explanation for two guys getting caught going at it



they oil each other up 

im crying here 

This post literally gets gayer each time it appears on my dash. What the fuck?!?! This is like the most elaborate act that ever required a constant “no homo” to be chimed.


RotG fic: The Haunting of Overland House 2/4


TitleThe Haunting of Overland House 2/4

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Koz and his daughter have moved into a loft in a small town in Virginia. It’s spacious and it has a great view over the lake, but they didn’t realise that a ghost called Jack came with it. 

++ Read on AO3 ++


+ part 1 +